CARMEN Parking
License Plate Recognition Software

The CARMEN® Parking License Plate Recognition Engine is a special version of the CARMEN® license plate recognition technology. It has been developed to offer an excellent solution for the growing need of parking and access control management systems.

CARMEN Parking Number Plate Recognition Engine

With integration CARMEN® Parking into parking management systems, it becomes possible to automate vehicle entry to and exit from a car park or a secure zone and to use the recognised registration number for inventory management.

The usage of CARMEN® Parking with our specially designed camera set - equipped and synchronised with a IR flash - provides quick and accurate identification of vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without human assistance or any driver co-operation.

One of the major applications of license plate recognition is parking and access control. These applications and systems have their own special requirements. In parking and access control applications recognition accuracy is a very critical issue both from the automation's and the security's point of view. However - on the other hand - vehicles have limited speed or frequently stop when their plates are being recognised.

Therefore we have developed a special version of CARMEN®, the CARMEN® Parking, to meet all the special requirements of parking and access control. We have kept the flexibility of the SDK and of course the robustness and stability of the plate recognition engine while added extra features that are useful when making the application software of a parking, car park management or access control system.

The CARMEN® Parking ANPR Engine and its SDK is a special version of our ANPR technology. It is specially designed and developed for parking and access control applications, where automatic identification of vehicles is needed.

Technical specifications of CARMEN® Parking ANPR Engine
Supported Operating Systems · Windows 7
· Windows Vista (32bit only)
· Windows XP
· Windows 2003
· Windows 2000
Programming Languages · Visual C/C++
· Visual Basic 6.0
· Borland Delphi
· Visual Basic .NET
· C#
· Java
Software Development Kit · DLLs, ActiveX components, OCX files
Type of Plates · Recognition is country and font independent
· Any Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Cyrillic characters can be recognized
· State/country region recognition (optional)
Image Input · Still image from memory of file (BMP,JPEG,JPEG2000)
· Live analogue video input (PAL or NTSC)
Trigger · Trigger is needed for starting the recognition
(key press, inductive loop, IR barrier, IR sensor etc.)
Limitation: one recognition per channel in every three seconds (3 sec delay between two recongnition processes on the same channel)
ProcessingtTime dependences · Image quality (complexity, noise level, etc.)
· Image size
· Processing power (CPU speed)
· Parameter settings
Output · Plate number in ASCII/UNICODE
· Position of plate
· Positions of characters
· Tip list for each characters
· Confidence levels for each tips
· Colour of plate (optional)
· Country ID (optional)
· Locating more plates on one image
Documentation · Reference manual in electronic format
System Requirements · Intel, PIII 1 GHz or higher Intel CPU (128MB RAM)
· Free PCI (2.1) / PC104+ slot
Licensing · 1 licence required per CPU